Brewery Info– In 1857, a young brewer named Hugo Bayerlein from Munich came to the town of Bayreuther, where he began operations. Bayreuther to this day still brews tradition style beers in accordance with the Rheinhitsgebot and ensures quality is in every product. Bayreuther is Maisel’s sister brewery.
Brewery WebsiteBayreuther Brewery
StyleHell, traditional blonde export lager
TasteHoney, corn and grain notes and ends with a slight bitterness. Perfect balance and a crisp, clean finish.
SKU20/16.9oz | 50L keg
StyleZwick’l, unfiltered kellerbier
TasteDark fruits, malt and caramel. This beer is well balanced and has a clean finish.
SKU20/16.9oz flip top bottles | 30L one way keg