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Brewery InfoVan Pur was established in 1989. Three years later, In 1992, it set in motion one of the first canning lines in Poland,in Rakszawa, not far from the south-eastern city of Rzeszów. Throughout the first year, the company concentrated exclusively on beer filling, as a co-packaging unit for other beer producers. A year later, in 1993, Van Pur began brewing its own beer.
Brewery WebsiteBrok Beer
StyleBrok Export
TasteBrok Export is brewed according to the traditional recipe in 19th-century brewery. Brok Export has a full, soft flavour, with muted yet pleasing bitterness and hoppy aroma. Its bitternes is moderate but well emphasized.
SKU11.2 oz | 20L keg
StyleBrok Gluten-Free
Tastefull, soft flavoured beer with muted yet pleasing bitterness and hoppy aroma. It also meets the special dietary needs for people intolerant to gluten. Certified according to the EU labelling standards
SKU11.2 oz