Daleside Brewery

Brewery InfoDaleside Brewery was found in the mid 1980’s by a family with a brewing tradition stretching back more than 600 years. It is from this long tradition that Daleside draws their time-tested expertise and methods of brewing their award-winning quality beers.

Daleside's Philosophy:
  • Promote excellence in brewing
  • Maintain the best tradition of English brewing
  • Stimulate a wider knowledge and appreciation of quality brewing
  • Enhance the enjoyment of beer for the discerning customer.
  • Brew high quality beers
  • Excellent customer service
Brewery WebsiteDaleside Brewery
StyleRipon Jewel
TasteRipon Jewel is a full-bodied premium amber ale with a complex flavor driven by toffee malt flavors and herbal hop notes. Hints of dark fruit, brown sugar and raisin leave a touch of honey on the finish. Ripon Jewel brilliant quality has been blessed by Ripon, England’s Cathedral Church and is sold in their gift shop.
SKU16.9 oz
StyleOld Leg Over
TasteA well-balanced ruby Yorkshire Bitter with fruit and floral aromas, Old Leg Over tastes of mature fruits and a slight nuttiness, rounded off with a lingering hop and bitter finish.
SKU16.9 oz
StyleMorocco Ale
TasteBrewed to a secret recipe 400+ years old, Morocco Ale is a dark spiced brew with flavors of ginger, molasses, clove and toffee with a sweet finish leaving a subtle hint of chocolate on the finish.
SKU16.9 oz
StyleMonkey Wrench
TasteA powerful strong ale, deep chestnut in color, Monkey Wrench is characterized by its spicy, vibrant and fruity aromas preceding a rich malty backbone with spicy hop undertones and a smooth warming finish
SKU16.9 oz