Far North Spirits

Distillery InfoThe northernmost distillery in the contiguous United States, Minnesota's Far North Spirits is one of a handful of authentic field-to-glass estate producers of small-batch, craft-distilled spirits.
Inspired by a heritage of independence, hardihood and agricultural abundance, founding partners Michael Swanson and Cheri Reese fled the corporate world to Michael's fourth-generation family farm. Here, they hand select, plant and harvest all non-GMO grains. They also mill, mash, ferment, distill and bottle all spirits entirely from start to finish.
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StyleAlander Spiced Rum
AboutÅlander OH-lan-der is made in small batches from domestically sourced Demerara and Turbinado sugar. We purchase our spices whole (avoiding extracts or flavor-house oils) and infuse them by hand.
The name Ålander is a nod to the Åland islands, an archipelago of 6,500 islands between Sweden and Finland in the northern Baltic. Summers are warm enough to enjoy the beach and winters offer “long-distance ice skating.”
Tasting NotesA nose of allspice, nutmeg, clove and gingersnap cookies. Background aromas of mocha, cardamom, and butterscotch give way to root beer, vanilla, and a touch of peppermint. Combining a smooth texture with clean, crisply defined flavors, Ålander finishes with sweet notes of caramel and banana bread.
Accolades“Entry is an expansive richly woven network of flavors that intersect at all the right points… gloriously luscious yet composed.” ★★★★ Highly Recommended F. Paul Pacult’s Spirit Journal
StyleGustaf Navy Strength Gin
AboutAs forthright as the steely-eyed Swede for whom it was named — the distiller’s great grandfather — Gustaf Goos-tahf is a Navy Strength gin with a bracing kick. Gustaf is made from non-GMO AC Hazlet Winter Rye, planted and harvested by the distiller. Every step of production – milling, mashing, fermenting, distilling and bottling – is done by hand.

Gustaf’s 11 botanicals (including Meyer lemon, grains of paradise, fennel, coriander and meadowsweet) are individually sorted into unbleached muslin bags and distilled separately, then carefully portioned into the master blend.
Tasting NotesLavender, juniper and honeysuckle on the nose, with a trace of citrus akin to yuzu or lime. Spicy and expansive on the palate, it finishes with notes of white pepper and licorice. A zesty, lingering expression of earth and sea.
ABV114 proof
AccoladesGood Food Awards 2016
StyleRoknar Rye Whiskey
AboutA true field-to-glass whiskey from the Nordic reaches of that state, Roknar ROCK-ner is the soft-spoken freshman athlete already too good for the varsity.

Born of non-GMO AC Hazlet Winter Rye and Minnesota 13 Heirloom Corn planted and harvested by head distiller Michael Swanson, Roknar is milled, fermented and distilled in very small batches.
Tasting NotesRoknar marries aromas of brown sugar and cinnamon with vanilla bean, roasted almonds and freshly sawn oak. These scents are precisely restated as flavors on a butter-smooth palate, with additional notes of smoked ham and balsa wood. Finishing with a hint of soft-baked pretzels, Roknar lingers cheerfully with a warming note of star anise.
StyleSolveig Gin
AboutSolveig SOUL-vai is born of AC Hazlet Winter Rye planted and harvested by the distiller on the family farm. Every step of production – milling, mashing, fermenting, distilling and bottling – is done by hand at Far North Spirits.

Individual Botanical Distillation | Solveig is made by distilling each botanical individually. Distillations are then blended together to create the final spirit. Although most gin is produced by distilling all botanicals at once in a single run, Far North is committed to this more labor intensive method as it results in a gin with greater consistency, depth and character.
Tasting NotesA nose of citrus, pine cones, and a hint of lavender, Solveig combines a creamy entry with an almost ethereal lightness on the palate. The gin shows exceptional balance in the mid-palate, with added flavors of thyme and coriander. The finish is rich, persistent, and almost cool, with lingering notes of black olives and fresh grain.
StyleSyva Vodka
AboutFinnish for "deep", the name Syvä SEA-va points to the depth of detail in the artisanal methods and ingredients used in crafting this Nordic-inspired, small-batch vodka.

Syvä owes its distinctive character to non-GMO AC Hazlet Winter Rye, which is planted, grown and harvested by the distiller on his family farm. Every step of production — milling, mashing, fermenting, distilling and bottling – is done by hand.
Tasting NotesCrisp, polished, and satiny smooth on the palate. Aromas of lavender, malt, vanilla, and a hint of orange peel. Finish is amply rich and generously sweet.
Accolades"One of the two best unflavored vodkas of 2015." ★★★★★ Highest Recommendation F. Paul Pacult's Spirit Journal