Brewery InfoFarsons Brewery is an independent, family owned brewery located on the picturesque Mediterranean island of Malta, just a few miles from the Itailian coast. The Farsons Brewery has been producing its award-winning lagers and ales since 1928 but can trace its origins to the 1880’s.
Brewery WebsiteFarsons
StyleDouble Red, strong ale
TasteCaramel, nutty malt character with toffee-like roasted overtones.
SKU12/11.2oz bottles
StyleBlue Label, amber ale
TasteMild taste, medium hop bitterness with distinctive chocolate and caramel notes.
SKU12/11.2oz bottles
StyleCisk, Pilsner
TasteCool, crisp and immensely satisfying. Combines traditional brewing excellence and passion with the finest quality malts and hops.
SKU12/11.2oz bottles