Pinckney Bend Distillery

Distillery InfoPinckney Bend was a navigational hazard well-known to generations of Missouri River boatmen. Located at mile marker 83 above St. Louis, it is the site of a once-thriving town long since disappeared, and a stretch of river where at least five 19th century steamboats were wrecked, including the famous side-wheeler Spread Eagle.

Today its namesake, the Pinckney Bend Distillery in New Haven, Missouri, celebrates the legend and lore of this vanished town. The river has changed course since those early days, but standing on the levee not far from the distillery’s front door and looking westward, you can almost see where the town of Pinckney once stood. Founded by 3 long-time friends, today we celebrate the historic town and distillers that came before us.  Our goal is simple; to produce premium quality, hand-crafted spirits worthy of their heritage, one small batch at a time.
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StyleHand Crafted American Gin
AboutThe secret to our distinctive flavor? We handle our botanicals separately. You will taste the difference.

Pinckney Bend Gin is made in 60-gallon batches with each botanical handled separately. Some are macerated and distilled, while others are suspended in the vapor column. The result is a premium quality American gin with nuanced layers of flavor and aromatics.
Tasting NotesSlight earth note of cinnamon lasting a half second before the heat and the citrus take over. The heat passes quickly leaving a refreshing lingering note of citrus- both lemon and orange Notes of the juniper kick in during the finish, lasting long after the other flavors have passed.
AccoladesBronze – International Wine and Spirit Awards in London

Gold – San Francisco International Spirits Awards

Gold – Micro Liquor Spirit Awards in Los Angeles
StyleRested American Whiskey
AboutThe secret to our distinctive flavor? Excellent craftsmanship, and a climate-controlled barrel house using small Missouri white oak barrels. You will taste the difference.

In the early 19th century, distillers quickly learned that young corn whiskey, ‘rested’ for even a short time in ‘burnt’ white oak barrels, develops a charm and character all its own. The best white oak on the planet comes from Missouri.
Tasting NotesMade from American-grown grain; 80% corn, 15% barley and 5% rye. Aged for one year in a 15 gallon, #3 charred, Missouri white oak barrels. Aging process gets hand from the Missouri Pacific Railroad, giving the barrels a little shake every forty minutes as the trains pass by. First sip starts out with a nice corn flavor, not to sweet, and is followed by the rest. Spicy charred oak, surprisingly smooth finish for 100 proof spirit.
AccoladesDouble Gold – 2014 San Francisco World Spirit Competition

Silver Medal – 2014 International Wine & Spirit Competition
StyleThree-Grain American Vodka
AboutOur vodka is distilled multiple times; wheat in a column still, barley and rye in a pot still. The result: A vodka of exceedingly high purity and unique character.

This spirit is made from wheat, barley, and rye. Grains are distilled multiple times; wheat in a column still, barley and rye in a pot still. The result is a vodka of exceedingly high purity and unique character
Tasting Notes80% wheat, 15% barley and 5% rye. Velvety smooth tecture, uniquely subtle flavor profile, long clean finish. Along with multiple distillations, this vodka is filtered through multiple layers of activated charcoal. Recommended to be served very cold.
AccoladesGold Medal – 2012 Micro Liquor Spirit Awards

Included 263 entrants from around the world.
StyleAmerican Corn Whiskey
AboutClear and formidable, our corn whiskey is lively and stays true to its historic, unconstrained roots.

Never made in bulk quantities, Pinckney Bend Corn Whiskey remains true to its heritage. This whiskey is an excellent example of what was produced by skilled distillers, sold by reputable merchants and consumed by working people in the early and mid 19th century.
Tasting NotesMade from American grain; 80% corn, 15% barley and 5% rye. Light grass and spice bite to otherwise sweet corn flavors.
AccoladesGold Medal – 2013 San Francisco International Wine and Spirits Competition.

Only US Distiller to receive Gold Medal in the unaged whiskey category