St. Mel’s Brewing

Brewery InfoSt. Mel’s Brewing Company is an Irish owned independent brewery shose mission is to brew the highest quality beers from the best possible ingredients. All the beers are made from 100% natural ingredients, chemical free, and are preserved by the natural qualities of the hops and alcohol. Their Quality Hand-Crafted beers include: A Pale Ale hopped three times during the boil and then dry hopped using cascade hops, a Helles Lager lagered for 4 weeks in the tanks and finished in the bottle using a strain of ale yeast, and a Brown Ale that just won silver at the Killarney Beerfest!
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StylePale Ale
TasteAromas of citrus fruits and pine resin, the fine bitterness is balanced by just the right amount of caramel like sweetness from the crystal malts in the grist
SKU16.9 oz
StyleHelles Lager
TasteGerman noble hops are used to contribute a fine dry bitterness that balances the clean crisp malt base perfectly.
SKU16.9 oz
StyleBrown Ale
TasteA sweet chocolate and caramel malt base is balanced by a robust bitterness and a citrus like aroma.
SKU16.9 oz