Brewery InfoThe Theresianer Brewery, established through the entrepreneurial skill of Martino Zanetti and guided by the invaluable knowledge of the best master brewers, has been producing high-quality beer in the finest Central-European tradition since 2000. The company’s respect for tradition, modern organizational methods and targeted distribution have enabled the brewery in Nervesa della Battaglia, Treviso, to create a product that captivates connoisseurs. Thanks to our belief in using the finest ingredients, Theresianer beer has become a commercial success and has won prestigious international awards.
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TastePale and brilliant, the finish blends a particularly dry taste with fresh notes of malt and hops, typical of the Pilsner tradition
AwardsWorld Beer Championship Chicago - 2011, 2010, 2009
International Beer Challenge - 2011
DLG - 2010, 2009
SKU750ml Bombers
TasteA beer with character that has a perfect balance of malt and hops. Fresh and delicate, it offers fruity notes and hints of caramel
AwardsInternational Beer Challenge - 2015
World Beer Championship Chicago - 2011, 2010, 2009
DLG - 2006
SKU12 oz
TasteRefreshing and flavourful, the fruity aroma derives from the fine yeast. Slightly hoppy, highly effervescent and very pleasing.
AwardsWorld Beer Championship Chicago - 2013, 2012, 2011
International Beer Challenge - 2012
DLG - 2011
SKU750ml Bombers
TasteA Bock that perfectly embodies the German style from which it takes its name. A deep amber-red, bottom-fermenting beer with a thick body and a decidedly malty character
AwardsWorld Beer Championship Chicago - 2011
DLG - 2011
SKU750ml Bombers