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My name is Bubba and I am the owner of Bub’s Beverage. Because having a blog is trendy, we here at Bub’s Beverage will have a blog. Every week(ish) we will post a blog from either myself, a staff member, a customer, or whoever feels like wanting to write something for us that we’ll post on the internet and one day ruin their political career.

What you can expect from this blog is industry news, alcoholic beverage trends, non-alcoholic beverage trends (Capri Sun’s comin out with a hot new kids drink) (Pay me Capri Sun), new Bub’s products, restaurant/bar/liquor store recommendations, how the Denver Bronco’s Offensive line will be the death of me, a lot of random stuff, and of course me shoving product down your throat. Also, might dip our toes into some Bachelor talk. Yes I watch the show and if you don’t like garbage reality tv well then there is a massive void in your life. Currently, I am team Danielle L but I kind of dislike how you always have to call her Daniellel L rather than just Danielle. Pretty inconvenient. If I have to say more than two syllables to get your attention, it typically ruins my day. Also I’m a big Corrine guy. Yea she sucks but she’s provocative like Chad and the show would be horrendous without her. For you haters out there, watch 5 minutes of the show and then talk to me. I freaking dare you.

Alright let’s begin. To kickoff the blog, I wanted to post something one of my new employees posted the other day when he left his general manager role at a popular bar out at KU. Almost all of us here at Bub’s, including myself, came from the service industry, which has defined us in many ways. My good friend and now employee Will sums up the industry perfectly.

The Exit.

An open letter to anyone who has ever stepped into a bar.

A very important person in my life once said to me “you are going to be fine, you’ll luck into something you always do”. I thought about that statement a lot over the last 10 months and have tried to find justification for the word “luck”. I honestly don’t feel as if Luck had much to do with the amazing experiences I have had so far in my life, and trust me I have been blessed with more than I probably deserve. I am a firm believer that the relationships you foster throughout your time on this planet are what create or detour the opportunities that bring you happiness.

I have made a few foul decisions that I would love to retract, but one I will forever be grateful for was my decision to start working for one of my now best friends James Shaffer at Rbar and Patio. Throughout my five and an half year run at Rbar I have received a bit of ridicule about how it wasn’t a “real job” and a few other degrading opinions that I’m sure all of my brothers and sisters in the service industry have received during their time.

I realize everyone has a different experience during their career in the service industry, but I would venture to say most of you would agree that the relationships made during that time have opened more doors, created more opportunities and conceived more good times than almost anyone we know outside of the industry.

My time with Rbar has given me the opportunity to create relationships that have given me all of the above and more. It has given me an immense amount friends from around the world, hook-ups on damn near every type of sporting, music, and social event you can think of and has now opened the door to my new career.

The time has come for me to pass the torch and move on from my position at Rbar. I have accepted the Director of Operations position for a young, promising liquor distribution company in Denver. I owe it all to the time I have spent and the relationships I have founded during my time in this wonderfully misunderstood industry that so many of us use to pay our rent.

I will miss all of you!

Be genuine, keep the cold drinks in their hands and the smiles on their faces! The rest will take care of it self.

-Will Olson

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